How to permanently delete items in search trash?

How to permanently delete items in search trash?

In Web UI :

  • No action button as “empty trash” is visible
  • No action button appears in blue menu bar when items are selected

If it is not possible in Web UI, is there any solution using Nuxeo API?

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the solution to this is quite tricky, as I think there is a small bug in “nuxeo-delete-documents-button” element, more specifically in the “_isAvailable” function. Anyway, here is the step-by-step solution:

1) First of all, create your own “nuxeo-delete-documents-button” element. Take special attention to the “_isAvailable” function, as I have changed it. The last condition should be this.hard && this._checkDocsAreTrashed(). In this way, the “hard delete” button will only appears if you are selecting trashed documents.

As you are creating a new element, remember to change its “id” in the first line and in the Polymer script. In my case, for example, I named it “nuxeo-delete-documents-button-v2”.

<dom-module id="nuxeo-delete-documents-button-v2" assetpath="nuxeo-document-bulk-actions/">
    <style include="nuxeo-action-button-styles"></style>

    <nuxeo-operation id="deleteOp" op="Document.Delete" sync-indexing=""></nuxeo-operation>

    <nuxeo-operation id="trashOp" op="Document.Trash" sync-indexing=""></nuxeo-operation>

    <template is="dom-if" if="[[_isAvailable(documents.splices)]]">
      <div class="action" on-tap="deleteDocuments">
        <paper-icon-button icon="[[_icon]]" id="deleteAllButton"></paper-icon-button>
        <span class="label" hidden$="[[!showLabel]]">[[_label]]</span>
      <nuxeo-tooltip for="deleteAllButton" position="[[tooltipPosition]]">[[_label]]</nuxeo-tooltip>

      is: 'nuxeo-delete-documents-button-v2',
      behaviors: [Nuxeo.I18nBehavior, Nuxeo.FiltersBehavior],
      properties: {
        documents: {
          type: Array,
          notify: true,
          value: []

         * Permanently delete the documents.
        hard: {
          type: Boolean,
          value: false

        tooltipPosition: {
          type: String,
          value: 'bottom'

         * `true` if the action should display the label, `false` otherwise.
        showLabel: {
          type: Boolean,
          value: false,

        _icon: {
          type: 'String',
          computed: '_computeIcon(hard)'

        _label: {
          type: 'String',
          computed: '_computeLabel(hard, i18n)'

      deleteDocuments: function() {
        if (this.docsHavePermissions && confirm(this.i18n('deleteDocumentsButton.confirm.deleteDocuments'))) {
          if (this.documents && this.documents.length) {
            var uids = {
              return doc.uid;
            var op = this.hard ? this.$.deleteOp : this.$.trashOp;
            op.input = 'docs:' + uids;
            op.execute().then(function() {
    'nuxeo-documents-deleted', {documents: this.documents});
              this.documents = [];
            function(error) {
    'nuxeo-documents-deleted', {error: error, documents: this.documents});

       * Action is available if all selected items are not trashed and `hard` is not active OR if all selected items
       * are trashed and `hard` is active.
      _isAvailable: function() {
        return this.documents && this.documents.length > 0 && this._checkDocsPermissions() &&
            (this.hard && this._checkDocsAreTrashed());

       * Checks if all selected documents are trashed.
      _checkDocsAreTrashed: function() {
        return this.documents.every(function(document) {
          return this.isTrashed(document);

      _checkDocsPermissions: function() {
        this.docsHavePermissions = this.documents && !(this.documents.some(
          function(document) {
            return !this._docHasPermissions(document);
        return this.docsHavePermissions;

       * Checks if a single given document has 'Everything' permission to delete or 'Write' to trash
      _docHasPermissions: function(document) {
        return this.hasPermission(document, 'Everything') || (!this.hard && this.hasPermission(document, 'Write'));

      _computeIcon: function(hard) {
        return hard ? 'nuxeo:delete-permanently' : 'nuxeo:delete';

      _computeLabel: function(hard) {
        return this.i18n(hard ? 'deleteDocumentsButton.tooltip.permanently' : 'deleteDocumentsButton.tooltip');


2) The next step is to contribute to the “RESULTS_SELECTION_ACTIONS” slot. You can do this by creating another HTML file with the following content. I named this file “nuxeo-custom-bundle-contribution.html”, but you can name it as you want.

<link rel="import" href="nuxeo-delete-documents-button-v2.html">

<nuxeo-slot-content name="hardDeleteSelectionAction" slot="RESULTS_SELECTION_ACTIONS" order="30">
    <nuxeo-delete-documents-button-v2 documents="[[selectedItems]]" hard></nuxeo-delete-documents-button-v2>

Take in mind that you need to import the HTML we have created before, and add the new element (that in my case, I named “nuxeo-delete-documents-button-v2”). Also pay attention to the “hard” label I have added in the element.

3) Just like any WebUI contribution, you need to add it to the resources point. To do that, create a new extension like this:

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.WebResources" point="resources">
    <resource name="nuxeo-custom-bundle-contribution.html" type="import" shrinkable="false">
<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.WebResources" point="bundles">
    <bundle name="web-ui">
    <resources append="true">

As you can see, I have referenced “nuxeo-custom-bundle-contribution.html” file, which is the file I have created in step 2.

With this, you will have the “hard delete” button when you select trashed documents, keeping the “trash document” button if you select not trashed documents.


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Thanks, but I don't want to remove soft delete feature. I just want to have a hard delete action to permanently delete document when browsing the trash search. This action is available on a folder document but not in trash search… Regards

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You need to disable solft delete default config (see and optionally remove the corresponding Web UI slot contribution


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