Permanent deletion of folder always times out -- how can it be avoided?


When I attempt to permanently delete (via the trash) a folder that has thousands of children, the deletion does not complete within the transaction timeout window. The system is waiting for the database to do some kind of work, but the only query running is DELETE FROM "hierarchy" WHERE "id" = $1.

Is there something I can do to avoid such a simple operation taking so long? I am running PostgreSQL 9.3 and have followed the tuning guidelines at

I prefer not to make the transaction timeout even longer than it already is, unless that is the only possible fix.

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This is a consistent problem even on the live servers, with much faster disk than my laptop.

You may try to activate soft-delete. See Deleting Documents.

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Thank you; this is what I needed. I got so focused on the administrative and database configuration documentation that I forgot to look in the content repository documentation. :)