DocumentNotFoundException after Uploading Large Files (>100GB)

I get a DocumentNotFoundException error after uploading a large file (>100GB) using Nuxeo's native web GUI (version 7.10). No development/changes made aside from configuration, just added the following lines:

org.nuxeo.dnd.upload.timeout=7200000 org.nuxeo.dnd.exec.timeout=7200000 nuxeo.db.transactiontimeout=7200

When i check the server, i see the file uploaded. One trial was uploaded on $NUXEO_HOME /data/xx folder, the other two trials got stuck on $NUXEO_HOME/server/tmp

My initial hypothesis was the transaction timed out, so I increased db.transactiontimeout, but that didn't resolve the issue. Any thought? Am currently running out of ideas. Thank you.

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Figured it out. Apparently there are other timeouts I wasn't able to set: nuxeo.vcs.idle-timeout-minutes

Noticed that for particularly large files, the processing after upload takes significantly longer, > 5mins. Adjusting the said timeouts fixed the issue.

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