Workflow on selected documents : how to use a popup window for the form ?


I made an action starting a workflow on the document list selected items. The worflow on the documents is indeed launched but only appears in the dashboard By default, folderish documents do not have a workflow or summary tab where task forms usually appears, so i would like to be able to have a popup window containing the form.

How can I do that ?

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Hello Pibou!

Would you prefer to activate the tab for a folderish document?

In that case, you can override the contribution of the workflow action tab:

<action id="TAB_ROUTE_WORKFLOW" enabled="true"

  link=&quot;/incl/tabs/current_route.xhtml&quot; order=&quot;60&quot; label=&quot;;

A new filter should be added into this contribution to add workflow tab to folderish document. Example:

<filter id="customfilter> <rule grant="true">

    &lt;condition&gt;    #{currentDocument.hasFacet(&quot;Folderish&quot;)}

Here examples of overriding action:


I m okay with that proposition

I should check that it's okay for the UI : the use case could be for instance the publication of selected documents into a section. The section path would be a workflow variable.