joining multiple disk partions

Based on our estimates, the first phase of our DAM project is going to need somewhere betweeen 3TB and 6TB in our pilot phase.

I ordered a 6TB disk partition from my system administration group.

My system administrator told me he is not sure if he can give me partitions over 2TB unless I move to solaris and ZFS. He asked if the application would work with 3x2TB reiserfs partitions.

Is Nuxeo able to mange multiple disk partitions like this; or is it expecting all the data to be on one logical disk?

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You can manually add symlinks from the first level of directories under nxserver/data/binaries/data to appropriate partitions.

But no need to move to ZFS or user several partitions, Linux's ext3 or ext3 filesystems allow partition size well beyond 6TB if configured appropriately. And I wouldn't user reiserfs which is unmaintained.

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