Share a folder -> Create a collaborative workspace ?

I would need to share an existing folder from my user workspace to one or more users. Can I do that ?

I was looking to the social collaboation features but can I create a collaborative workspace even if I'm not an admin user ? Can I, as an admin, grant this permission to all users ?

When I log in with a non administrator account, the collaboration tab doesn't have the “Actions” button.

I was thinking of creating a collaborative workspace and put that folder into it but it seems far more complicated than I thought… (I would have to make a copy of my folder into the shared workspace, wouldn't I ? )

I've seen that I can grant access to another user on my folder, and send them a link (the permalink) to it… Is there a more comfortable way to do it ? (for example I would like targeted users to see the shared folder in their dashboard like they would with a collaborative workspace… )

Edit : Actually I can't even copy/paste a folder to my collaborative workspace as an administrator. Once copied the folder to the clipboard, go to the shared workspace : the clipboard doesn't have the option to paste or “move to the current folder” ?? How are we supposed to do it ?

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