[BUG] Infoview slideshow restarts from first picture when using automation chain


I've created a custom button on my infoview slideshow. This button is plugged to an automation chain that updates thé picture property : after clicking, the slideshow restarts from the first picture. Vert painfull when validating hindreds of docs. Any solution?


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Also asked as NXP-16540/NXP-16541.

We have the same problem in Nuxeo 7.10 (LTS2015), and we've seen that it occurs only with HTTPS. We have a server that we can access with or without HTTPS, and with HTTP it works, with HTTPS it gets stuck on the first picture. Any idea why can this happen?

We have fixed our problem, I guess it could be the same thing for you. The post is old, but just in case someone is experiencing the same problem:

Our problem was with our HTTPS configuration.

On file /etc/apache2/sites-available/nuxeo-ssl.conf we had set the header “nuxeo-virtual-host” like this: RequestHeader append nuxeo-virtual-host “https://oururl.com:443/”

We have removed the port (it is not necessary, as we already have put https, I guess).

Now infoview works. The Javascript code behind infoview tried to find the current URL in a list of all the URLs of the page, and it couldn't find it as current URL had no port, but the list was created using “nuxeo-virtual-host”, which had 443 port.

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