REST API create document uploaded file won't bind

Hi There,

I'm currently following the example on files upload and batch processing. (

Step one, creating a batch and uploading a file works

X-File-Name: testFile.txt, X-File-Idx:0, X-Batch-ID: mybatchid

Step two, I can see the file


Step three: a document is created, but the file is not bound to the document. I cannot find any errors :-(

This is the body:

{ “entity-type”: “document”, “name”:“NieuwDocument7”, “type”: “File”, “properties” : {

"file:content": {

} }

I'm running Nuxeo 5.8 on Windows 7.

Is there anything wrong with the REST Calls I'm making?

I'm trying this in order to create a new file from another webpage using javascript. Is there another REST call which I can use for this?

(page A – REST call –> create document including file in Nuxeo)

Thanks in advance, Bauke

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There was a bug about batch binding in the REST-API affecting 5.8 :

It has been fixed since 5.9.1, and backported in 5.8-HF04

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Works like a charm in 5.9.1

Thanks for the help!