Thumbnail Generation after update main picture


I am using the REST API to upload image on Nuxeo via BatchUpload as Picture type. After the upload the thumbnails are correctly created. The issue is when i update the document with another file image because it changes for the document but the new thumbnails are not created. What could it be the problem?

Other information:

I update the document with a new batchid after its uplodad.

"file:content": {

Using The get API, Nuxeo answers with random thumbnail among the old files. For instance: if I attached first a Ferrari image, then a Kavasaki image, then again an image of sea, in picture:view at different get call, different thumbnails are returned (among ferrari kavasaki and the sea) .

Can I check The Thumbnail listener?

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Update: The issue is no update of database (no commit on database). I have different data between get REST API (i think any cache) and database data after upload. Database used Oracle. Any Idea? No error in log.

can it be this bug?


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