How to get thumbnails from nuxeo with REST API?

Hi,I am trying to get thumbnail image from the document id. I used the REST api (http:`//localhost:8080/nuxeo/api/v1/id/{id of document}`) to get the thumbnail. When I update the headers with following values:

name: X-NXenrichers value: thumbnail

I get null context parameters. No url path to the thumbnail is fetched. The property “thumb:thumbnail” appears to be null. So I guess while uploading images in the nuxeo, certain settings were missed due to which I am unable to fetch the thumbnail property of any image. I have tried fetching the thumbnails using automation client but failed to get them. I want to know what exactly am I missing? Why is my thumb:thumbnail property is null? Or is there any other way to get thumbnails?


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Try with X-NXenrichers-document or X-NXenrichers.document as the header name (you need to specify on which entity the enricher applies).

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I tried that too. But context parameters appear as null!! When I upload an image in nuxeo do I have to do anything additional for thumbnails? Because I think that "thumb:thumbnail" property is null!