Modify Event Log Listeners

Is there a way to remove certain event listeners from being displayed on the “Event Log” subtab in the “History” tab? I want to turn off the “document modified” listener and create listeners for different steps in the workflow and life-cylce changes. With the “document modified” listener on, the Event Log gets filled up super fast and it's hard to pick through.

Thank you!!!!

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Man, you ask some stupid questions. Write this XML extension:

  Those default auditable events match Nuxeo core base events.
  If you are sending new Nuxeo core events and want them audited, this is
  the place to declare them NXAudit side.
<event name="documentModified" enabled="false"/>
<event name="documentLocked" enabled="false"/>
<event name="documentUnlocked" enabled="false"/>

<event name="aboutToRemove" enabled="false"/>
<event name="aboutToRemoveVersion" enabled="false"/>

<event name="emptyDocumentModelCreated" enabled="false"/>
<event name="sessionSaved" enabled="false"/>

<event name="aboutToMove" enabled="false"/>
<event name="documentCreatedByCopy" enabled="false"/>

<event name="documentMoved" enabled="false"/>
<event name="beforeRestoringDocument" enabled="false"/>

<event name="documentProxyPublished" enabled="false"/>
<event name="documentProxyUpdated" enabled="false"/>

<event name="sectionContentPublished" enabled="false"/>
<event name="documentPublicationRejected" enabled="false"/>

<event name="documentWaitingPublication" enabled="false"/>

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