Create document recursively with automation


I'd like to know if there an operation (chain operation) to create directories recursively before create the final document (the leaf)

Example :

I have to create the document with path : /worksapce_root/folder1/folder2/folder3/mydoc.

Nuxeo have to create folder1, folder2 folder3 if needed. If folder2 is already created nuxeo have to create only folder3 and the document.

Thanks for your help sorry for my english.

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Hello, I had to do something similar and yes it required custom addons

See there but i had to use a workaround to satisfy my need, anyway the “recursively create a directory if not exist” method nests somewhere in the post

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Nobody has this kind of problem ? So, i think i have to create my own operation to do this task. I will ask the question @ Nuxeo World 2013 ? :-)

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