How do I become a documentation contributor

I'm a Nuxeo newbie but am learning it at a fairly rapid rate. I see many opportunities for improvement in the documentation and would like to contribute.

On it says to request a “Documentation contributor account request” via the mailing list. However that mailing list was closed in June, see

What is the new process for requesting a documentation contributor account?

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Thanks for wanting to contribute and pointing that out, i'll ask around


The documentation has been updated. It now has:

Contribution is welcome both for technical (books and guides, FAQ, tutorials) and functional documentation. Ask a contributor account for on Nuxeo Answers, the nuxeo-dev mailing list or on the Nuxeo Google+ community,

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Hi, we're currently trying a workflow plugin for confluence to let us moderate external contribution easily. I'll keep you posted. Thanks!

FYI; some of the information at needs to be updated to include information from , such as the info about httpd.conf setup and setting up admin users

Utopian, you should be able edit the Fast Track documentation. We setup a very simple workflow. Basically when you edit a page, our technical documentation writer has to publish it before it's available publicly. Thanks!

Laurent, I tried to do this today and see I can edit ADMINDOC and NXDOC but not IDEDOC or other spaces. It seems that only ADMINDOC and NXDOC are being updated, with the 5.7 release. For IDEDOC, both 5.6 and 5.7 are sharing the same set of docs. The spaces I might be able to make small contributions in are GLOS IDEDOC and CORG.

You should be able to modify GLOS, IDEDOC and CORG. IDEDOC are sharing the same doc as there is no difference in the IDE between 5.6 and 5.7.

Ah, thanks, that is working well.