How can I replace the Last Contributor column in the default content view for sections and workspaces with the dc:source field?

I am currently running a production install of Nuxeo DM 5.5 Tomcat that has not been customized. I use the dc:source field to be a unique identifier for the documents that I upload and work on. This is much more useful for me to look at than the last contributor that defaults to showing in the content view when browsing the domain.

How can I replace what is circled in red with the dc:source field, whether in a search results listing, or just when browsing through the sections. Image of Listing of documents while browsing through document tree

Thanks in advance!

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Hi ben, this should give you some idea on how to do it:

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Thank you so much! I have it working for workspaces now, but not sections. I will have to do a little more research.

Sections and workspaces are not using the same content view (because in section, publish actions need to be shown), that may be the problem if you changed the content view.

Know that the result layout named "document_listing_ajax", is used by both content views, though. Using the explorer might help