The Author column in Home Dashboard doesn't display the last contributor

In default home dashboard, the last modified document widget doesn't display the last contributor but the original author of the document. I am not sure if this behavior is normal but I would like to display the last contributor in the author column. How can I achieve that ? In order to understand the problem, I was looking for the layout assaciated to this content view and I finally found the dashboard_document_listing layout. If that layout is the right one I don't understand why the author is not the last contributor as specified. Could you point me the right direction please ? I am sure there is an esay way to perform the task.



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Indeed, we display by default the column related to the metadata dublincore “dc:creator” who is the original document creator.

You can override this content view which is generated by a JS call in nuxeo.war/scripts/opensocial/gadgets/lastdocuments.js.

Replace in this file the metadata dc:creator in this line:

{type: 'text', field: 'dc:creator', label: prefs.getMsg('label.dublincore.creator')} 

by dc:lastContributor

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