How do I add an External Gadgets to a Dashboard ?

I have an open social gadget into my

  • iGoogle
  • Confluence
  • … around the open social container of your choice…

that I want to really to expose into

  • my home
  • one of my Social Collaboration dashboard
  • … around the dashboard of your choice…

How can I do that ?

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Open Social gadgets can be exposed in a remote container open social. You find Open social gadgets into iGoogle, Confluence open social containers, …

Adding a Gadget exposed into a container outside Nuxeo into Nuxeo is easy, you just have to

  1. find configuration of the gadget. Name of this configuration is Gadget Spec and this is an XML file.
  2. configure your Nuxeo to expose the gadget you need

1. Getting Gadget spec

The only problem, exposition of this configuration is specific for each container. I will give you some example of well known open social container, but you will need to refer to the documentation of the container to find the configuration of the gadget you want to expose.

For iGoogle container:

For Confluence container

  • look the the Confluence documentation here

2. Configuring Nuxeo

  • Connect as Administrator of the Platform into your Nuxeo
  • Go to Admin Center > OAuth/Open Social > External Gadget
  • Add a new one
  • Choose a name, this is his id into the Nuxeo Platform
  • Choose a label (this will be the name exposed to users)
  • I'm not sure but I think you must enable it
  • Choose a category will be the category where the gadget will be exposed
  • copy the URL of the Gadget Spec.
  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Select the category you specify, and the label

Have fun !

I give you a little remark. Add an external gadget Right is limited only for Administrator of the platform, but once this gadget is added, it is accessible for each user of the platform. There is no limitation, … today :)

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