Why my dashboard is not working when I install hotfix 15?

Hi, I have installed hotfix 15 but now my dasboard is not working, my gadgets are not show.

I did this tuto: http://answers.nuxeo.com/questions/3688/how-can-i-have-a-dashboard-that-cannot-be-modifed-by-users

but when installed hotfix 15, it did not work any more

alt text

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Do you have any error in your server logs? Any (JavaScript) error in your browser?

Hi, JavaScript Error in chroome: Uncaught java.util.MissingResourceException: 'opensocial_messages' is not a JavaScript object and cannot be used as a Dictionary

Which file did you modify to remove the buttons? How did you modify it? What are your changes?

Hi, I have overwrited the opensocial_container_template.xhtml file and the error was the javascript variable opensocial_messages was not defined in my file. Now I defined this variable in my file and it works newly.

I'll have to be very carefull to modify my files when new hotfixs are published.

sorry for the inconvenience

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