Favorites are disappearing

We are having users report that favorite documents are becoming unfavorited, sometimes over night. I have been able to recreate the issue but I can't find why it's happening. Users favorite a document and come back and find it's no longer displayed on the dashboard under favorites. When users click Favorites from the side menu, the document doesn't display in the side panel but if the user navigates to their Personal Space and the “My Favorites” folder the missing document is there. When users navigate to the document that was favorited, the favorite button displays that it is no longer favorited. This is happening quite frequently, any idea what could be happening.

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We are NCO and that that the DB should be fine, and we should be close to the latest hotfix if not on it. We did not see any errors on the console.

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If you are a NCO client, please create a support ticket on jira.nuxeo.com to raise bugs. Thx


This is a very strange behavior: is there any error in the browser console when setting a document as favorite? Is there any error in the server.log file? Is there any issue with the DB? Have you applied all hotfixes (in case it was already fixed?).


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