Strange behaviour of deleted versions

I noticed something strange and I'm wondering if it is a bug or if there is a solution: in TAB_VERSIONS, you can see, restore and delete versions. However, one of those version is the official one. When I delete the official one, I would expect that another version (the previous? the last?) will substitute it, but it does not happen. If I go and see the summary of the corresponding document, I find that the “official” version is still the deleted one (that is no longer available).

My personal solution is to remove the delete button in correspondance of the official version, in TAB_VERSIONS. However I'm wondering if there is another explanation for this strange behaviour.

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Nuxeo Core Repository version management use the standard pattern for document repository.

You have to understand that each time you are creating a new version, you are in fact create the same document with same values but not visible: what we can called archived version or checkin version. The document exposed into your UI is a checkout version or live version. You can modify it as you wish. But all versions of this document are not maintained if you don't specify to versioned your modification.

When you remove a version of your document you are removing the archived version but don't change the live version. If you want to get back to an old version, you must restore this version.

Is it clearer?

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clear, thanks