Nuxeo upgrade on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS


We have the nuxeo-dm installed from the debian package in in one Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server.

Now I'm looking for upgrade because some bugs in the 5.4.2 version.

I can see a newer 5.6-04 version package but under the name 'nuxeo'. 'Nuxeo-dm' package stills at the version from 2 years ago.

What is the correct upgrade procedure?

1) Debian packages (I can't locate documentation about Debian packages upgrade, I'm sorry)


2) Manual from 5.4.2-1-0lucid1 to the the 5.5 version? (I only see manual 5.4.2 to 5.5 upgrades)



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Here is the documentation: ADMINDOC/Installing+the+Nuxeo+Platform+on+Linux

The package name has been renamed from “nuxeo-dm” in 5.4.2 to “nuxeo” since 5.5. That is because we switched from multiple distributions (“nuxeo-cap”, “nuxeo-dm”, “nuxeo-cmf”, “nuxeo-dam”, …) to a unique distribution called “nuxeo” (corresponding to “nuxeo-cap”) on which the “DM”, “CMF”, “DAM” and other features are now installable via “Marketplace packages”.

See the blog post nuxeo-platform-55-just-released.
Follow ADMINDOC55/Upgrade+from+5.4.2+to+5.5 for upgrade instructions.


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Thank you, Julien! Glad to see that I've read the correct documents before my question. Because the rename to "nuxeo", since 5.5, I've the question about the preferred method.

Method 1, package: I love the Debian packages; are the best way to keep a whole consistent system. For this reason I'm looking for the method to change my "nuxeo-dm" Debian package installation to the new "nuxeo" package. Uninstalling "nuxeo-dm" first after backup? Then installing "nuxeo" and restoring backup? Any experience about this solution?

(Note: "nuxeo" package right now is for the 5.6 version and seems that 5.4.2 must be upgraded to 5.5, not 5.6. I'm wrong?)

Method 2, manual: Or maybe is best to forget the Debian Package and make a manual upgrade from 5.4.2 to 5.5.

Thanks :)

Regards, Benjamí


Method 1 is probably easier. There was an automated migration process in the nuxeo deb package that could still work, but it could be glitchy depending on your installation.

Note that there are newer versions than 5.6 available: 5.8 for our LTS releases, and 5.9.4 for fasttrack releases. You'd have to upgrade your Ubuntu though (up to 13.10, there are issues with the ffmpeg dependency on 14.04 that we're working on).