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Hi all,

I would like to have some preview of the document contained in nuxeo DM (at least pdf and office document (Libreoffice)) but I can't find the option.

reading some posts here and there it seems there seems to be a Preview tab somewhere I can't find.

I guess there is perhaps a dedicated module to install but can't find anything related in the market place.

Am I missing something in the configuration or perhaps during the install process.

For information, I'm using the Nuxeo Platform 5.5 on ubuntu 10.04

Thanks in advance


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Since 5.5 there is no more preview tab, there is a little eyes next to the document title…

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Many thanks,

I have tried this feature but it seemed not to work with the pdf file I tried. Thus I thought the feature was not working.

But it did with openoffice document and text one.

2 additionnal questions:

  • is there any posibilty to zoom in and out in previewed document ? (in calc sheets with high number of columns the size lead to an unreadable document with the actual preview)

  • is the pdf format recognised ?

OK….it works also for pdf …but it was so long that I never wait enough. While writing this post and come back to nuxeo, my pdf is displayed. Don't know if there is something to do in my configuration to improve this as the current configuration is unfortunately unusable because of the time delay (> 20 sec so it is quicker to download and open it which make the “preview” feature seless in my case).

Again thank you for your help.


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