How to set up a relation between an email message and a folder?

I have a set of email messages in an email folder and I would like to relate each eamil to one or more different folders.

The relation tab, in each email message, allows me to search for a document however, the search, seems to be filtered to only find files. I see PDF's, other emails, Notes, MS-Word files, searches, etc all stored in our Nuxeo database, I do NOT see any folders or any type of container file!

I can't find any filter on the relation tab document search.

The question is: Can a relation be set up between an email message a folder, a workspace? If so why can't I see the container files in my database?

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Yes, it is technicaly possible to enable relations to work with Folderish types. You cannot see those because documents having the Folderish facet have been disabled in the content view service extension in the contentview contribution associated with relations. Here is the contribution in question: org.nuxeo.ecm.relations.web.contentview.contrib–contentViews

To re-enable listing of Folderish documents you would have to remove the <fixedPart> element of the query stating AND ecm:mixinType != 'Folderish'

Please note that this change might not suffice for your needs:

You might also want to add the relation tab for folderish documents which is also disabled. What you need to do is override the filter in the action extension for that tab so that the Folderish documents are included in the results.

Another thing that you would have to consider is the fact that Folderish documents, unlike what you could see with other documents, do not have the summary tab which provides relation information for the current document. There is only the content tab available for those documents. The last change might not be necessary for this to function, however if you went that way, the end-users might be expecting that information to be visible in the first tab they see as it is done currently with other documents where relations are available by default.

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I have a specific set of document types, extended from folders, I'd like to relate to the emails. So given there are no other issues with relating folderish documents to emails, I am going to try to build a content view based on a query for the types of documents I want to relate to the email(s) and link that view to an action which will do the relationship linkage after the user selects the documents.

I have, however, posted another related question about extending Mail Folders as part of this effort.


Thanks for the prompt response!!!!!!

(edited to provide a link to the contribution)