Not-indexed Documents Selective Indexing

Hi all,

We have a relatively large repository (more than 30M of nodes, including folders and documents) and we have recently performed a full reindex over a 2-node external Elastic Search cluster. When the reindexing has finished, we can see a difference of nearly 115K nodes between the number of nodes indexed in Elastic and the number of nodes in the repository according to the following SQL query:

select count(id) from hierarchy where isproperty = false;

While the full reindexing was running, we have been working normally on the system, so probably new nodes apart from those prepared for nuxeo as part as the full reindex has been added to new indexing workers. Anyway, after all the indexing workers have finished, we can still see that difference between indexed nodes and repo nodes. We can't right now know which folders have been indexed or not, therefore we can't run the reindexing for concrete folders looking for those 115K 'lost' documents in elastic.

Is there any way to find and reindex the 'pending' (not indexed) documents in Nuxeo?

Thanks! Rafa

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