With Multiple Domains, Can't Publish

Nuxeo DM (5.4.2) seems to have an issue whereby if you have multiple domains, you can't publish any documents. What happens is the “sections” node on the section tree located below the sections combobox, within the publish tab of a document's tabpanel has no expand icon, and no leafs. This only happens if you have multiple domains. If you delete all domains, and leave just one then all is well and the sections node is expandable, and contains the section. Anyone come across this?

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Thank you for reporting this issue although it has already been fixed in the trunk https://jira.nuxeo.com/browse/NXP-7198

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You right, there is a bug but if the second domain contains at least one section into the section root, there is no more this problem:

  • I start the server
  • login as Administrator
  • I move to the default domain section root
  • I create a section “test 1”
  • I move to the root of the repository
  • I create a new Domain “Domain 2”
  • I go to the Section root
  • I create a section “test 2”
  • I create a workspace into “Domain 2” workspace root
  • I create a document
  • I click on the publish button
  • The drop down list presents the “Local Sections (Default Domain)”
  • I expand the tree below, I see “test 1”
  • I select “Local Sections (Domain 2)”
  • I expand the tree below, I see “test 2”

And I do that into Default Domain, it also works.

Anyway in Nuxeo DM snapshot, the problem is solved.

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