Nuxeo ACLs problem after migration

Hello everyone,

I recently migrated our instance nuxeo from version 5.8 to version 7.10.

For that, I followed the documentation which recommends to migrate from 5.8 to 6.0 and from 6.0 to 7.10.

During this migration, I used the same Postgresql database instance and the same data directory.

As an administrator, I have “every right” and have no problem, however this is not the case for other users.

Some users have the right to “write” in a section but are unable to publish into it.

When they're in the “Publication” tab, they see list of sections but they have not “publish here” button. The only way I've found is to grant them rights “request to publish” + “write” OR “manage all.”

It is not possible to give the right “handle all” to anyone so I'll just give the right to “ask publish” + “write”.

So I have three questions: 1) have you met this case? 2) Is it “normal”? 3) If it is normal, how to transform all “wirte” on “wirte + ask to publish” ? by a sql query or another ?

Best regards

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