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One of my users sees all content in the document management area duplicated, that is 2 “default domain” and within each one of them 2 “sections”, 2 “workspaces”, 2 “Templates” and so on… It is not real as no one else sees this. I thought some information maybe kept by the browser but we have tried to:

  • log the user off nuxeo
  • restart the browser (happens in both chrome and safari)

the duplicated view persists in both browsers. Any suggestion on how to stop it and/or how did this happen?

Thank you!

note: nuxeo platform 5.9.2 (unsupported)

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Looks like https://jira.nuxeo.com/browse/NXP-13925, you can run a DB procedure to fix the issue on your instance until you upgrade to a version that does not hold the bug.

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