JSF explorer cache issue in combination with WebDAV: files in folder not shown in JSF explorer

A folder in the JSF explorer does not always list all files that are included in it. This happens when you upload files via WebDAV. The problem only occurs in the JSF UI, it does not happen in the new web UI.

How to reproduce:

  1. Create a new empty folder via JSF UI, keep it's view open
  2. Via WebDAV client, upload a file into this newly created folder
  3. Switch back to the browser / JSF UI, reload the browser page. -> the uploaded file does not get listed. You can try to reload the page multiple times, or switch to another folder and back to this one, the file does not show up. (Probably a caching issue, that the JSF explorer does not get notify when a new file has been uploaded. It should though, cause the system needs to listen to events anyway, in case some automation would be active. Cache refresh should always be triggered upon new file creation).
  4. To show that it's a cache issue: now, upload a second file into the same folder via JSF UI -> voila, both the second as well as the first file (the one previously uploaded via WebDAV) shows up as well.

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The same does not happen in the new web UI.

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There's a Refresh button above the document listing at the right. The JSF UI has a display-level cache that is not expected to be aware of all external import mechanisms.

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