Is there any way to approve and publish a batch of documents to a section?

In the initial setup of a document archive, we have many documents that are already in publishable form, and it is tedious to go through all the steps of approving (so that it isn't listed in “Project” state) and publishing each document individually from its folder in the workspace to its corresponding section. Is there any way to publish a batch of documents all at once?

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A very easy way to publish multiple documents of your choice is to use the Worklist feature.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. select the documents you want to publish (checkboxes on the left),
  2. click on Add to Worklist (they will appear in your worklist on the left)
  3. navigate to the section you want to publish them to
  4. click on the “Publish here” button available in the Worklist pane on the left
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Thank you, that's great, but what about approving the documents? As far as I know, I still have to start a workflow for each document and approve them one by one. Is there any way to approve many documents at once?

Even though this specific functionality is not present in the default UI, it is very easy to add an approval button that will perform both operations in one step. To do that you could either write your own extension using Nuxeo's automation and action frameworks, or go a simpler path using Nuxeo Studio. If you are considering the latter option, there is even an example that is very similar to what you would need: