How to make Data Model having multiple forms workflow?

I want to develop and application with multiple forms (around 40 form) in book format. Each form goes in process related to previous form.40 forms are divided in to 4 sections of 10 forms. Like first 4 forms are filled by one user group and then after that 2nd usergroup approve and fills next 4 form and send to upper group and next two forms are filled by next upper group and finally approve by top level usergroup. In any rejection form goes to creator , updates it and resend to who have rejected that form.Now my queries:

  1. What type of Data Model will be suitable? What are the best possible options to implement this system? How to relate one form/document type(I am planning to make 40 document type) data to another (In first form we take Full Name and i want this in almost all form, Registration Number also used in all form).
  2. I have already a MIS type system with relational database . How can in Import in Nuxeo system?
  3. Any use cases link of similar kind of system would be appreciated. I am trying to do with sub task for each section and make each page as document type. Thanks in Advance.
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