Picture Book Folders Disappear when Upgrading from 5.4.2 to 5.5

Running 5.4.2 on Ubuntu 10.04. It was installed from the Canonical repository. Picture Book folders are set up under the default domain Workspace and under users personal workspaces. The Nuxeo PPA was added to Synaptic and Nuxeo 5.5 selected for installation. The installation finishes without error and the 5.5 installation is accessible. However, all of the picture book folders are missing. When I revert to the 5.4.2 installation, the picture book folder are there. Any thoughts on what the problem may be and how to correct?

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Update… It appears that the 5.5 installation does not know Picture Books as a type of Collaborative Space. Also, website, email folder and ordered folder are missing from the Collaborative Spaces.