Is it possible to still download the 5.6 LTS?

Right now, I have a 5.5 Tomcat install, and would like to upgrade to 5.8. I cannot seem to find a way to download the 5.6-tomcat files, but I recall someone told me I should go from LTS to LTS, or that an upgrade from 5.5 to 5.8 would not go smoothly unless I first upgraded to 5.6.

Did I misunderstand what the original advice was? Is it possible to just make the settings / changes that the upgrades say to do, without actually doing anything to the data, and then just install the 5.8 files?

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Yes, you can find it here

Upgrading from LTS to LTS is not mandatory. The only thing is that between two versions there may be change in nuxeo code that would break your own developments. If you go from 5.5 to 5.6 you'll have less possible change than between 5.5 et 5.8.

BTW Nuxeo 6.0 is announced for beginning of november. You should perhaps wait for that since there are a lot of new features !

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Thank you for your answer. Can you specify which would be better to use, the SDK or normal? What specifically does the SDK allow which the normal tomcat install does not?

The SDK is for development with the Nuxeo IDE. It is not for production.

Does this mean I can do a direct upgrade from 5.5 to say 5.8 without putting the files in place for 5.6 first?