Do i have to register for get the hotfix??

I'm using a local server 5.6 for testing and developping. And i was trying to install all the hotfixes (from the local packages, not the marketplace) that I've installed in the production server. But when I tried install from the 31 to the 34 it says 'Registration required'. I was understood that I don't need to have an account to install the hotfixes or use Nuxeo but it seems that it has changed or is only me?

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This question is a duplicate of questions/745/are-hotfix-free
Also give a look at questions/1043/is-nuxeo-open-source

Nothing changed:

  • You do need to register your instance to benefit of the hotfix service via the Update Center.
  • You do not need an account or any registration to use Nuxeo.

All that is explained in the blue footer on your screenshot.

Note that for testing and developing, there are solutions for building and testing against the maintenance branch (5.6.0) and the latest Maven artifacts (5.6.0-HF36-SNAPSHOT at the time of this writing). They are equivalent to the 5.6 + all hotfixes.


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So in those questions said that the hotfixes are free of charge, then why does it says that I have to register to have them? that's the real question

Registering is free of charge.

I don't understand, Julien said that I don't have to register, but in the Update Center says "Registration required", so what's the real answer?

Please reread his answer:

  • You do not need to register to just use Nuxeo.
  • You need to register to get hotfixes via the Update Center.

What's not clear?


And if the trial account expires, I can keep isntalling the HotFixes?

Only manually. You cannot automatically install HotFixes from the Update Center with an expired trial account. As explained in questions/745/are-hotfix-free:

> hot-fixes are free since the source > code is open, the recipe to build them > is documented and the binaries are > freely downloadable. But, the > hot-fixes packaging you are talking > about is a service, part of the > charged support.