Small bug in Nuxeo Web UI - nuxeo-directory-suggestion


I have found a little bug in the nuxeo-webui component, and I have tried to report it in github, but I wasn't able to find the “Issues” option in the repository:

Anyway, the problem is with the “nuxeo-directory-suggestion” component. This element has a “hidden” input, but it it is in the front of the other elements. Due to this, if you hover over this small input, a cursor appears (instead of the “hand-cursor”) and when you click on it, the “select” doesn't work. If you click on the “nuxeo-suggestion-directory” element but outside of the input, then everything works perfectly. See the attached image.

In the attached image, the problem happens in a “standard” nuxeo installation, when trying to create a Workspace. However, it happens with every “select” element using the “nuxeo-directory-suggestion” component.

The solution: The solution is really simple: the input must be hidden (it is) but it also needs to be removed from the “front-line”. This can be done by adding two CSS properties to the “.selectivity-single-select-input” class:

  • position: relative;
  • z-index: -10;


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Thank you so much for reporting. This issue should already be fixed by in HF09 for 10.10. What hotfix version was used for testing?

If you can still reproduce it on the latest HF, could you please provide a short gif or video demonstrating the issue?

Thank you in advance.

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