Document relations in Web UI


I'm trying to create and show relations between different document types in nuxeo Web Ui(LTS 2019).

I have continued the steps of this video;;lp=5

The creation and erase of the relations work well, but at the moment of loading the relations, I have to go into the document twice. At the first time the relations doesn't appear, they exists, but doesn't show anything, then if I go backwards and go into the document again or another of the same folder they appeared. I took a look to the console and i could see that the times it worked, the ready function(nuxeo-se-document-relations) had been called twice.

It's the same problem when clicking the link to the related document.

Anyone knows why this happens? Thanks for the help

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I finally discover how to do it. Thank you.

But it's possible at the moment of creating a relation to add a new attribute to it? As a quantity of the object related?


Yes it is possible, you would need to extend the relation document type object.

I mean, the quantity attribute doesn't exist in the document type. I have to insert the number at the moment of adding the relation, I have to define the type of relation, the type of outgoing, the document related and additionaly the quantity of this relation.

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