‎"Nuxeo Live Edit Loader has stopped working."

My Nuxeo Live Edit from the web browser refuses to work:

Every now and then I get a notification saying: NuxeoLiveEditLoader has stopped working.

One thing that I have noticed is that an instance of WINWORD.EXE appears in the processes list each time the LiveEditLoader fails, so it is starting the WINWORD.EXE, but for some reason it doesn't go beyond that, to open the Word GUI.

I have been here already:

Settings etc.:

  • IE9 Compatibility view
  • Office 2010
  • Nuxeo Virtual Machine Running on same pc, with bridged network adaptor
  • A tooltip popped up suggesting I install some chrome app, but that didn't help either.
  • Running as Admin didn't help. [In fact, when I run as Admin it doesn't even initialise the LiveEditLoader…weird.]
  • I haven't tried other browsers yet. I will have to try that tomorrow. But if there is anyway you can help now, that would be great.
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