Why is the lastest modification on a document doesnt save after live Edit? [Win7-32bit / Office 2007 / FF+]

Hello where can I find or ask somebody for a technical support regarding Nuxeo?

Im using a Windows 7 professional 32-bit OS. MS Office 2007 live edit through Firefox 32-Bit.

everything is working well during live edit, aside from the “Saving the modification of the document” (e.g. excel), the last edition I made will never save. I don't have a problem in XP and Windows 7 64-bit OS's. everything is running well.

I noticed running from the other OS, whenever I open the document and made some modification after clicking SAVE, the nuxeo environment will confirm to save the document. but here in win7 32-bit system It doesn't ask for confirmation. after clicking “save”, the program will just save. but if i opened it again, no modifications are save.

i opened the Temp folder and there I found the modified versions. Is there something I miss during the installation? or do you have any idea where the conflict is coming from?

hope you could help me on these. I've been troubleshooting these for 4 weeks.

Best Regards to the Nuxeo Team & Thanks in advance


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