Resest time zone is not working in web-engine gadgets?

i have seen variation on also. first i have set Reset time zone from browser. After i went collaboration > select a workspace (IT Team) > add gadget >Document Library it will display docs. in Document Library gadget click on News> Nuxeo is Moving Out here its showing time 2012-08-03 18:02 . But if we go to the property of Nuxeo is moving out its showing 9:30Pm that is different.These should be same.

i am also using WEB-Engine gadget through ftl file we are getting last modified time after resetting here is also its showing different timing.the same file showing time different in workspace and gadget.

in my thinking its not setting time in gadget but its setting correct time in workspace. i am expecting same time every where not variation. i alos tried in jax-rs/web-engine class LocaleStartup localeStartup = LocaleStartup.instance(); But localeStartup is null. please let me know how i will resolve this problem. Thanks in advance.

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