Quick search does not search in file content

In “Default search” I can find documents by words that appears in their content. In “Quick search” doesn't appears any document if I search with the same words.

Nuxeo documentation says that “Quick search” is a full-text search (https://doc.nuxeo.com/nxdoc/searching-the-nuxeo-platform/) but it is not works like a default search by “Full Text”.

What could be happening? Any missing configuration? Thanks.

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it might be because you haven't installed the related softwares. As an example, Libreoffice is needed to index Office documents: it allows to preview the documents and also to index it. See https://doc.nuxeo.com/nxdoc/installing-and-setting-up-related-software/


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Thanks Gregory! I'm going to ckeck it, but I think that my documents are indexeded. I can find document by content if I use the Nuxeo default search in the left menu.

See https://doc.nuxeo.com/nxdoc/quick-search/ and the suggestion box: Have you ever configured something like https://explorer.nuxeo.com/nuxeo/site/distribution/server-10.10/viewContribution/org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.suggestbox.core.defaultSuggesters--suggesters or have you overridden the page provider DEFAULT_DOCUMENT_SUGGESTION ?