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Hi, I've just installaled Nuxeo 5.8 to try on a fresh debian wheezy. Installation process doesn't encounter major issues. Nuxeo seems to work fine. But, the search doesn't return anything. I've uploader different kind of documents (odt, ods, doc, docx, pdf) But impossible to find theses documents by entering keyword in search or advanced search. (As keywords are in the title of the file, document title or document content.) As if full-text indexing does not work. However, the search in with meta-data work (eg. creation date, subject, author, etc…) Nothing appear in /var/log/nuxeo/nuxeo.log when i upload document or try to search something.

Can you help me debug this one ?

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I use Nuxeo 6. My first test was in the Nuxeo's interface. The search didn't return anything. I've done “rebuild index for the whole repository” in “Admin” tab –> “Elasticsearch” –> “Admin” tab –> “ReIndex” button. I tried full-text search and it returned something. I verified the full-text search works in the interface.

Then I tried in Workbench. The document that I created is Version: 0.0. I realised that I should choose “search all versions” in Workbench for that returns a result.

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Hi, I've the same problem. I use Nuxeo 6 and CMIS Workbench. I've a query like Fabien and it doesn't return any result.

Could you solve the problem? Can you help me?

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I've success to launch a simple query with CMIS Workbench (SELECT * FROM cmis:document) which return all documents i've added from Nuxeo. But when i do a query with CONTAINS, it doesn't return any result : (SELECT * FROM cmis:document WHERE CONTAINS('propositions') ) Of course propositions is a word i know present in the content of a pdf document.

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Hi fabien, do you already tried to use workbench cmis ?

If using the tool the results appear, try use query cmis and tell me the result.

Regards, Rafael Bueno

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