Full-text prefix search with PostgreSQL

On the demo.nuxeo.com Advanced Search page, a query with Title = 'Work*' returns no results. A query with Title = 'Workspaces' returns two folders with that precise title. Is it the expected behavior for the query with Title = 'Work*' to return no results?

Also, when I search for Workspace Retail using 'Reta*' or Workspace Finance using 'Fin%' or Folder Headquarters/Test using 'Te*', no results are returned. Is this expected?

Finally, I created a Folder on demo.nuxeo.com named 'Workspaces' within the 'Retail' Workspace. A query with Title = 'Work*' again returned no results. Thoughts?

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Generally speaking a search for 'Work*' should return documents with words that begin with Work, however, it looks as though the WorkspaceRoot document Workspaces itself is excluded from the search. If you create a Workspaces workspace or folder (under the WorkspaceRoot) then searching for 'Work*' returns the expected results.

The answer to your revised questions is Yes, that is expected behavior. Have you tried 'Fin%'?

Above works for simple search but not (as rg1 pointed out in advanced/faceted search) due to issue NXP-10995.

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See updated question.

I assume by by revised question above that the names of the Workspaces are Retail and Finance. Is that correct?

Please try logging in to demo.nuxeo.com as Administrator and try the Advanced Search. Word-based searches work but prefix-based wildcard searches do not, regardless of whether I use an asterisk or a percent as the wildcard. This does not seem correct to me.

You're correct. When I was testing I was using one of my own 5.6 instance and simple search works for workspaces, folders, etc..