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Dear Nuxeo developers,

I’ve provided a few hundred German translations for Nuxeo in crowdin this weekend and today and now wanted to know, how I can download and use them in my local Nuxeo installation. They are obviously waiting for some kind of approval. Furthermore I’d like to point out that some translation entries seem to be completely missing. For example, if I’m accessing the marketplace in my Nuxeo installation it shows a lot of internal keys in the two rightmost columns, e.g. label.pkgDetails.pkgState.remote, label.simpleListing.messages.registrationrequired, label.simpleListing.links.uninstall, However, they show not up in crowdin nor in my local file. I’ve tried to insert them in the local messages file, but once I restart the server, the file is overwritten. That’s annoying. Please provide suggestions on how to get them in the official translation.

Regards René

P.S.: I've tried to post this on the mailing list, but recieved a “does not exist” from a Google mail server, although I was able to subscribe before.

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Please follow instructions at How to translate the Nuxeo Platform


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Thanks for the answer. Still my main question on how to get my own translation into my local nuxeo 5.9.5 install was not addressed.

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Hi René,

As far as I know you can either use Studio –> resources –> l18n files. Or you can create a new bundle appending your translations to the current file:

I hope this helps:-) Bauke Roo



Thanks for the report, we did miss a step to update translations for the 6.0, i've created if you'd like to follow progress on this task.

The mailing list does not exist anymore, indeed.

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