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I followed instruction found here to allow anonymous user in our Nuxeo installation. It works, but the home page is the dashboard. How can I configure the platform to redirect the anonymous user to the repository instead ?

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The article is very, very confusing ! I had also problems for this simple and very usual case : creating web pages viewable by anonymous users and configuring anonymous user home page. I really hope it will be review soon.

What I can say about the steps :

1) adding a contribution to create anonymous user (ok, that's in the article but …it is not complete. what's the place for Tomcat, what's the name of the file…-config.xml )

2) you have to give rights for this anonymous user on a part of your repository. For instance, create a domain, or a workspace, or just a folder that the anonymous user can acess (read or write, depends your needs). Certainly not on default domain ! What is the sens about having an anonymous user that could read all your company's documents ?! (why the article's focusing on it, is a mystery)

–> After that, the tab document management will work.

3) configuring the default page : you don't want it to be the dashboard but the document management specific part the user is allowed ? So do I ! But still now, I don't have the answer. Does someone has the answer? Thanks.

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Hi, I thank you for your remark on the documentation. But don't hesitate to add your comment against the page of the documentation, we try to be responsive on this point. Did you ever give feedback on this part of the documentation? If this is the case, I will check how we miss that. I just modified the documentation according your first point and try to be more clear for the second point. I recommend you to add a new question for the third point into answer.

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I try to give you an answer for your last point here:

I don't have time to validate if Seam Annotation is inherited, but normally what I explained must work.

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I have access to the repository, if I paste the document management url directly in the browser. The default home page is the dashboard not the document management area, and the tab “document management” does not work. I modified also anonymous-config.xml in templates/common/config following the example found in But still not working…


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You have to make sure that the user belongs to the “members” group. By default only users in that group can browse the shared “Document Management” area.

One way to add the user to the “members” group is by following this example: anonymous contrib code

Another way to do it is to grant this user read access to the domain,or read/write depending on your needs. For that please also check the explanation about “anonymous user permissions” in the following entry in Nuxeo Documentation: How to create web pages viewable by anonymous users

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