Adding anonymous user


I tried to define a template with the anonymous user (file describe here, but the loading configuration file didn't work :

  1. I create the anonymous config file (anonymous-config.xml) under /etc/nuxeo-dm/mycustom/config.
  2. I modified nuxeo.conf : nuxeo.templates=postgresql,/etc/nuxeo-dm/mycustom.

But it didn't work after restart (no user Guest appear).

–> I realised that the file was not copied under nxserver/config but under : /opt/nuxeo-dm/ and /opt/nuxeo-dm/config

Did I do something wrong ? Is it normal for the file to be deploy under /opt/nuxeo-dm ? (component is yet not beginning)

I also try to understand the documentation here : but it is not clear and confusing because not focusing on the subject pointing in the title.

Thank you

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yes, it's normal. According to your template configuration, the config folder will be copied directly under $NUXEO_HOME (/opt/nuxeo-dm in your case) Create a new folder “nxserver” under “etc/nuxeo-dm/mycustom/” and move the existing “config” folder into nxserver. Then restart Nuxeo DM and your file anonymous-config.xml will be copied under $NUXEO_HOME/nxserver/config as expected.

Another solution is to create a nuxeo.defaults file under “etc/nuxeo-dm/mycustom/” and add a property to force the copy of your content under $NUXEO_HOME/nxserver


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