What are the languages used to build Nuxeo CMF framework?


Now I am going to work on the Customization of Nuxeo CMF interface for Case Management System. Before that I want to know the languages used for the development of Nuxeo CMF, Framework or Architecture for developing this? Is it developed using core JAVA under MVC architecture? I have seen inside the installation files the keywords like facelet, JSF, etc. What all are they? Please give me some information about this.

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You can find the answers about the architecture used here - Nuxeo EP Architecture , and specifically about the UI frameworks, here - Nuxeo UI Frameworks.

And more specifically here: Nuxeo Seam and JSF

This information applies to all applications based on the Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (EP), like Case Management Framework, Document Management and Digital Asset Management.

Lastly, some base definitions that you were asking about:

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Thanks a lot..