starting nuxeo with language en or fr default ?


how to be sure to fix the language at starting nuxeo ?

As root login, Admin system use : nuxeoctl stop nuxeoctrl start

but sometimes, nuxeo is in english language and sometimes nuxeo is in french…

How to be sure to start the nuxeo in english ? is it in java settings, in nuxeo.conf setting ?

When I look the code source : in body it is :

thanks !

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I've also struggled a couple of times with the language in WebUI. I think an option to force the language used (that seems to have been supported in JSF UI) would be very much appreciated by the users, at least by developers.

Sincerely mm

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Thanks for response.

Actually, I'm using command line like curl http://nuxeo/blabla to monitoring the web site. I don't specify the language and after restarting, sometimes it returns english page, and after restarting sometimes it returns french language.

So, I think that the language is set in starting nuxeo procedure. May be in the session terminal ? is there a variable to set in the terminal ?

My collegue uses nuxeoctl stop and nuxeoctrl start…

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Nuxeo Web UI (the default UI) is using the language of your browser. So you can switch from one language to another editing your browser settings. See


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