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I have created a custom content type called upf_faq which has several metadata properties. I am able to create the content manually from Nuxeo and set the properties, so I am confident that my content types are configured as they should be.

I created two files to import via the bulk-loader. mycontent.xml and looks as below.

cmis\:objectTypeId=upf_faq dc\:publisher=chip faq upf\:subscriber=subscriber upf\:topic=topic upf\:function=function upf\:language=english upf\:contentSet=contentSet upf\:channel=channel

After import the cmis:objectTypeId is “File” not “upf_faq” and none of the upf: properties are set, however dc:publisher did reflect the value from the properties file. So it appears to be reading it.

Does the bulk loader support custom types and what configuration am I missing?

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Hi you got any solution for this ? i am also working on something related to this and have same issue . if you have any solution , post it Thanks

Hi, for changing the type of document you have to change the leafType. Just add to the adresse of the import &leafType=

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