How to create English label for "nature" vocabulary

I've been setting up a new Nuxeo instance and finished editing “coverage” vocabulary. when moving to “nature” vocabulary I have a problem, it's not the same as “coverage”

In coverage, I can edit “continent” and “country” in 2 corresponding vocabularies. And finally, there's the third vocabulary name “|10ncoverage” to combine “continent” and “country” together and especially to create English and Frech Labels for created vocabularies. Those English and Frech Labels are actualy the text displayed when edint the nature of a content (topic). With English and Frech Labels we can write natual language such as Africa, Afrique not the “id language” like “africa”.

For “nature” vocabulary, I open it and able to edit the “id” list. But I cannot find any thing similar to “|10ncoverage” (for coverage) and “|10nsubject” (for subject vocabulary) and there for I cannot edit (add and remove) English and Frech labels for “nature”.

When editing a content (topic), there are still English Label for “nature” displayed, such as “Press review” (while its ID is pressReview). It means that the English Label really exists.

The question here is that how I can edit those English and French labels for nature?

Thank you in advance.

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Non-l10n vocabularies are storing a message instead of the actual localized label. This message (usually a key like “label.directories.nature.article”) is translated using messages* properties files.

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