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I followed this how to ( for generating and storing a pdf from a file using Studio I didn't create an additionnal schema , I added instead a new metadata in file schema. added too a new field in View layout to display my pdf file generated. It seems to works but nothing happen when I click on the pdf file link. Should I have to create a new template for my pdf file ? How to display the generated file in the content section of the summary left panel ? (I created the link in the metadatas section)

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Following the documenttaion found here the pdf is generated and stored in the the Nuxeo repository. Finally I have a problem to expose the pdf link in the document summary panel : The steps I followed in Studio:

  • Content Model > Documents > File : Shema : add field pdffile type blob ; name and prefix :file_schema ;
  • Definition tab : add extra schema : file_schema
  • View Layout tab : add widget Schemas : fil_schema > pdffile

This gives in my Nuxeo instance a pdf icon followed buy the correct pdf file name but with this kind of link {server url}/nuxeo/# and not the url of the document generated. The link leads to the document page it self. Is there a way to specify a correct link to the pdf document ?

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