Automation Chain for converting a document to PDF.

Hello, I'm trying to create an automation chain to convert the document to PDF. The document is a MS Word docx document. I have tried following both Implement document validation chain and Automatic PDF conversion and neither works. I get this error: “Cannot find any valid path in operation chain - no method found for operation 'Blob.Set' and for first input type 'org.nuxeo.ecm.automation.core.collectors.DocumentModelCollector'“. I am using Nuxeo 5.8 and it is patched to current. Please help.

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Well, then this won't work for what I was intending. I really want to publish the PDF version of the docx document. When I was working with Nuxeo 5.6, when a document had completed the lifecycle and was in an approved status, I was able to publish the document as a PDF.

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I assume hat what you want to do is the following: -> You have Document, containing a .docx file -> You want to convert this Word to pdf

Now, do you want to override he original .docx with the pdf, or do you want to store the pdf in another blob of the DOCUMENT?

In first case, you need to change the xpath of the field used to store the pdf, in the last operation. So, in Document > Set file, you let the default value for the xpath parameter (this default value is: file:content)

In second cse, you need to add a schema to your document. The example uses the schema “myDocumentSchema”, and the field “pdffile”. So, you must have this schema and this field avilable for the current document.

I tested both (wanted to make sure there was no bug ;-)), and it works as expected.


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