How to delete an scheduled job


I am working with Quartz, using some functions of ScheduleRegistryService, but instead of using contribution objects, I make my own Schedule object.

I am able to schedule job. It launches my event, and my listener captures it and shows my logs. But I am having problems deleting these jobs, and events continue firing and listener writing logs…

The code to delete the job is very simple, and the same of ScheduleRegistryService:

private void pararScheduler(String scheduleId){"Borrando tarea programada con id:" + scheduleId);
    try {
        scheduler.deleteJob(scheduleId, GRUPO_TRIGGERS_RM);
    } catch (SchedulerException e) {
        LOG.error(String.format("Falló el borrado del trigger con '%s': %s",
                scheduleId, e.getMessage()), e);


I have printed schedule Id and group name, just when I schedule job and also when I delete job, and it shows the same values…

Could any one help me? I am using version 5.4.2 of Nuxeo.

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards

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Sorry, I found my mistake. When I created JobDetail I did not write the correct group.


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